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Fresco range

The widest range of parking coolers currently available on the market.

CO2 emissions


Healthy rest

More safety
on the road

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Le soluzioni presentate sono adatte a veicoli che dispongano di impianti di climatizzazione originale.

Why choosing Fresco?

The Fresco range, thanks to its operation with the engine off and the windows closed, avoids the risk of theft, thus ensuring greater safety on board. All Fresco air conditioners are also quiet and reliable.

The Fresco range, quiet and powerful, promotes rest during stops, reducing stress and fatigue and the subsequent risks while driving.

All products in the range include a “dehumidifier” function, making the air in the cabin pleasant.

Thanks to the off-engine operation, all the products in the Fresco range guarantee considerable fuel savings.

The lack of CO2 emissions due to engine ignition makes Fresco an ally in protecting the environment.

The Fresco range can be operated manually or by remote control. All models are designed to ensure the restart of the vehicle, thanks tothe “battery saving” function.

Some solutions also include an anti-tip sensor.

Fresco air conditioners absorb moisture in the air, thus eliminating the risk of contamination inside the cabin by insects and bacteria.

Practically reduced to zero.

The wide range available makes it possible to meet any mounting requirement.

Easy and quick to install, all Fresco models are sold in ready-to-assemble kits, with clear and detailed instructions in 5 languages.

All outside covers can be spray-painted by the customer to accommodateany design requirements.

A wide spread network service is available.

Quality guaranteed by a company that has been in the air conditioning business for almost 60 years.

In action

High climatic performance guaranteed with the Fresco range. See the different applications of the Fresco range

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