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Fresco 9000 MaXX

Parking cooler

It is the ideal split solution for American industrial vehicle cabins (12V). The evaporator can be installed in the attic of the cabin or on the inside wall, the condenser and compressor unit on the outside of the vehicle.


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Fresco range

This is the widest range of parking coolers on the market.

The various possible applications combine obvious advantages for the vehicle driver and the air conditioner installer.

Choosing a product from the Fresco range helps both to reduce CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption and increases safety on the road as a natural consequence of good rest.

Main advantages:

– Reduction of CO2 emissions

– Fuel saving

– Certainty of a healthy rest

– More safety on the road

Parking coolers for industrial vehicles

Parking coolers operate with the engine off and can offer many benefits:

– Reduced CO2 emissions: with a parking cooler, industrial vehicles are cooled with the engine switched off;

– Fuel saving

– Certainty of a healthy rest: the driver can fully enjoy his cabin, in a pleasant and livable environment;

– More safety on the roads: with reduced stress and fatigue, reduced risks while driving.

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La gamma Fresco

La più completa gamma di condizionatori da stazionamento attualmente disponibile sul mercato.