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Air conditioning systems for special vehicles

We develop air conditioning and sanitization systems for commercial and industrial vehicles that are converted into ambulances, armored vehicles for transporting valuables, vans for transporting medicines, mobile clinics, directional vans, etc.

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The solutions shown must be installed in combination with the vehicle’s original system.

Customized solutions

Thanks to the consolidated experience as a partner of the most important European processors of this type of vehicles, in the AUTOCLIMA catalog you can find not only universal air conditioning components for such applications, but also various customized solutions, in ready-to-install air conditioning kits, for vehicles of the major brands.

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Condizionatori e componenti universali

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Il catalogo offre anche soluzioni tipiche da aftermarket di kit completi di ogni accessorio.

Around the world

The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) of Heathrow

This is an automatic, driverless electric vehicle used to transport 4 people (plus space for a wheelchair, if needed, for the disabled). The vehicle is currently being used on an experimental basis to connect Heathrow Airport with a parking lot a few miles away.

On board there is an electronic panel that allows you to set a destination, which can be reached by following the special lanes. As far as the Autoclima supply is concerned, it is an entirely direct current system, controlled by an electronic control unit able to manage both heating (obtained by means of a specific electric heater) and conditioning, obtained by means of a standard evaporator, adapted and customized for the purpose.

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L’attiva assistenza svolta nella fase di prevendita assicura al Cliente l’adattabilità e l’adeguamento dell’impianto alle necessità degli utilizzatori, funzione che insieme all’affiancamento durante il montaggio e all’attività di controllo post-vendita, permettono ad Autoclima di fornire ai propri Clienti un elevato livello di sostegno e di servizio.