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Fresco - Condizionatori da parcheggio Fresco 3000 - Condizionatori da parcheggio

Fresco Parking Coolers

Again AUTOCLIMA has been the first Company able to catch on the market request and to develop a real Air Conditioner working when the engine is switched off, with evident benefits for the user:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions : the trucks do not need to keep the engine on when parked or stopped for load
  • Saving of fuel : a natural resulting benefit
  • Security of a comfortable rest : the truck’s driver can rest in a healthy climate and safe cabin
  • Much safety on the roads : as stress and tiredness are reduced, also less risks during drive time

FRESCO range offers several solutions and for this reason we consider it the largest and most versatile offer available on the market.


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Why Fresco?


FRESCO operates with closed windows, minimising the risks of theft and supporting the driver’s safety during his rests. The direct current compressor increases safety on board and a much higher quietness and less vibrations if compared with similar coolers operating in alternate current with 115 or 230V compressors + inverter.


FRESCO keeps the cabin climate healthy working as well as a dehumidifier.


FRESCO, powerful and silent, helps the driver to rest, reducing stress and tiredness and consequently risks of accidents on the road.


The operating conditions do not need the engine running (so far the only way to get cooled from traditional Air Conditioning in the dash-board) and thus makes an important fuel saving.


The zero CO2 emissions due to engine OFF, makes FRESCO a good ally for the environmental protection.


FRESCO works either through manual or remote controls. All FRESCO models are planned for protect the battery running, with a safe-battery device that always allows the engine start and an anti-tilt sensor protection.


FRESCO is a true Air Conditioner that does not need water refilling, vanishing any risk of contamination inside the truck cabin due to insects or bacterium.


Practically reduced to zero.


The wide available range permits to meet any installation requirement and need.


Easy and quick to install, FRESCO models are sold in ready-to-fit kits, with installation and operating manuals clear and detailed in 5 languages.


All outside covers can be spray-painted, to respond to the customer’s design needs.


A wide spread network able to operate rapidly in case of failures.


The quality is assured from a Company that operates in Air Conditioning fields since more than 45 years.


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