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HVAC systems

Air conditioners for earth-moving machines
and agricultural vehicles

Also in this field Autoclima is operating as a supplier of some manufacturers of such machines, mainly with dedicated and specific products, developed and designed under customer’s specifications and drawings.

However, limited production batches can also be satisfied thanks to the versatility of several components available in the Autoclima Air Conditioning Catalogue, suitable to meet various space needs and performances. Systems, components and spare parts are normally having great issues in these applications.


The "MODULA" project was designed to meet the needs of those people who cannot or do not want to use a compressor driven by the vehicle's thermal motor. All that is required is to have a 12V / 24V electric power outlet or a hydraulic power feed.

It is modular since it is possible to choose among various combinations: complete roof top unit, moto-condensing assembly or moto-compressor assembly; the positioning of these components is, therefore, diversified and flexible, also thanks to the possibility of combining different evaporators and/or condensers.
The field of applications widens considerably: various types of special vehicles, electrical, hybrid, farming, earth-moving, cranes, cabins, ...

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ACW 50

Compact electric unit ACW 50

Vertical air conditioning unit 220V for cabs cranes.

It’s formed by a condenser, an evaporator and an hermetic compressor.

Particularly suitable in adverse environments, where excessive heat and/or high concentrations of micron particles venture the operator’s safety and comfort.

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Gruppo idraulico

Hydraulic device

The compressor is driven by an hydraulic motor : this device is suitable to be used on vehicles equipped with an hydraulic circuit like agricultural vehicles, earth moving machines or railway vehicles.

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RT 40

Roof Top unit RT 40

Roof top unit RT 40 having air flow of 600 m3/h is suitable for cooling small cabins like tractors, special vehicles, small trucks.

The Air Conditioning system includes the condenser, evaporator and ventilators.

The compact structure and reduced dimensions make it easy and quick to install.

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KW 47

Condenser KW 47

It is an electroventilated condenser with dryer filter and three levels switch, enclosed in a strong frame for installation on agricultural, earth-moving and building machines.

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Evaporatore a tetto RE 50

Roof Evaporator RE 50

Compact and light evaporator for roof mounting, developed to cool vehicles of small dimensions.

The quick and easy installation make it suitable for all types of roofs.

Also available, if needed, the heating version (REH 50).

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