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Air Conditioning systems for special vehicles

Several components available in the Autoclima Air Conditioning systems and components catalogue are suitable for different types of vehicles: commercial and industrial vehicles that are modified to become ambulances, armored vehicles for transport of people or values, vans for medical transportation at controlled temperature, TV vehicles, office vehicles, leisure vehicles, medical shelters and many other.

Due to a consolidated experience as a liable partner of the most important European transformers of such types of vehicles, the Autoclima catalogue of components and Air Conditioning systems does offer complete and customized kits, ready-to-fit for aftermarket applications on the vehicles of the main automotive used brands, too.


The "MODULA" project was designed to meet the needs of those people who cannot or do not want to use a compressor driven by the vehicle's thermal motor. All that is required is to have a 12V / 24V electric power outlet or a hydraulic power feed.

It is modular since it is possible to choose among various combinations: complete roof top unit, moto-condensing assembly or moto-compressor assembly; the positioning of these components is, therefore, diversified and flexible, also thanks to the possibility of combining different evaporators and/or condensers.
The field of applications widens considerably: various types of special vehicles, electrical, hybrid, farming, earth-moving, cranes, cabins, ...

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Evaporator E 60 DD

This evaporator with a cooling capacity of 6 kW and air flow of 600 m3/h is dedicated for the cooling of two separate compartments of medium sizes.

Typical use is the conditioning of armoured vehicles and ambulances in which air is shared in the cabin and in the rear compartment.

Also available with heating option (E60H DD).

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Roof Evaporator RE 50

Compact and light evaporator for roof mounting, developed to cool vehicles of small dimensions.

The quick and easy installation make it suitable for all types of roofs.

Also available, if needed, the heating version (REH 50).

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Roof Top Unit RT 60

Roof top air unit with 6,5 kW cooling capacity and air flow of 700 m3/h is dedicated to cool medium size cabs and/or minibuses up to 10 seats.

Upon request are also available versions with heating (RTH 60).

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Electric Roof Top Unit RTE

Is the new range of electrical Air Conditioning systems functioning at 230 V.a.c. 50 Hz and named RTE-RTEH. These products are new designed compact AC units, to be installed on the roof of mobile-homes or caravan, or on any other service vehicle, like - for instance - mobile offices, TV vehicles, rescue vehicles, road assistance vehicles or others.

They have been conceived in three different cooling capacities and each model is also available with heating option. Heating is given through a high efficient heating pump, suitable for external T until 2°C.

All models are equipped with remote control at 3 speed AUTO option that settle automatically the fan speed and both cooling or heating functions, depending from the settled T. They all can be installed on roofs having width from 30 to 70 mm and in 400 x 400 mm hatches. The inside filters are removable and washable. All models are certified according Directive EMC/vehicles, and got the homologation E24.

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A strange vehicle

It is an electrical and automatic vehicle, without driver, used for moving for 4 persons (in addition a space for a wheelchair for disabled people). At present the vehicles are used as experimental phase to connect Heathrow Airport with a not far away parking.

On board there is an electronic panel that allows to set the destination, attainable running along special lanes. The system provided and developed by Autoclima consists of a direct current unit, controlled by means of an electronic system able to manage both heating (obtained through a specific electrical heater) and cooling, obtained through a universal evaporator, adapted and customized for the scope.

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