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Air conditioners for people road transportation

Air Conditioning systems for buses and coaches

Autoclima is offering a specialized range of products for air condition any type of vehicles moving people, either touristic and city buses or school buses, of any dimensions, fed to gas-oil or electrically.

Clever solutions and high quality products are satisfying, since years, several manufacturers or body-builders of such vehicles, which meet with Autoclima the ideal partner. Besides a lot of versatile components to be combined, that are different either for the installation position or for the air distribution, Autoclima is the right supplier for a “customized and tailored product”.

The catalogue is also offering complete Air Conditioning kits, ready-to-fit and for any after-market application, for minibuses up to 35 people of main automotive used brands.

Systems catalogue

EASY-AIR : a revolutionary concept

Is the first revolutionary concept of whole combination of evaporators and air distribution tracks with the main aim to allow a bus weight reduction, reduce Labour and products costs, if compared with other solutions currently available on the market.

Presently two types of evaporators are available, to be combined with the air distribution ducts developed by Autoclima. The evaporator to be installed at the end (front or rear) of air ducts is called EDR65; the plastic aesthetic covers are on body-builder charge, or developed by Autoclima under customer drawings.

The evaporator that can be installed in any position all long the length of the track, is called ED65 and due to its external shape and structure does not need to be masked by any panelling. Both evaporators can be used on the standard air tracks having 375 mm or 440 mm width. Moreover, when requested, the Autoclima air ducts can be supplied as simple objects tracks.

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RT 120

Roof Top unit RT 120

The roof A/C unit named RT / RTH 120 is the AUTOCLIMA proposal for cooling minibuses up to 22 seats. Attractive and aerodynamic shape, does not increase more than 18 cm the height of the vehicle and uses the air side ducts of the vehicle to allow an optimal distribution of treated air. Available in only cooling or cooling/heating and also with or without external air intake.

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RT 145

Roof Top unit RT 145

Roof top air conditioner with an innovative design developed to condition minibuses up to 25 seats. Universal, compact and affordable, it uses the lateral airducts for a best distribution of the fresh air.

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RT 201

Roof Top unit RT 201

A roof air conditioning for passenger transport on buses of medium size. The air conditioner RT201 shows the continuity of style applied to other roof systems developed recently by AUTOCLIMA. Some supply options make it a very flexible system: Available in single or dual circuit, with or without the option of heating, with factory-fitted for connection to an evaporator front-box, with standard opening for 'entry of external air or for complete recirculation.

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Evaporatore E 60

Evaporator E60

It is an evaporator under-roof mounted having 6 kW cooling capacity , and normally used for conditioning medium sized spaces. Also available with fittings on right side and with heating option, with manual controls or digital control unit.

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Evaporatore Long Run

Evaporator E75

Evaporator studied specifically for conditioning big spaces in special vehicles. The control panel, equipped with thermostat and 3 speed selectors, allow a perfect regulation of the air. Also available with heating option (EH 75).
For a better performance, or for installation on vehicles driven in tropical climates, the model E90 (or EH90 with heating) is also available.

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Roof top condenser KT 125

The roof top condenser KT 125 is an Autoclima product for the conditioning of minibuses up to 24 seats. The compact sizes and the light weight make the installation quick and easy. It can be combined to one or more evaporators to be chosen within the great choice in Autoclima catalogue.

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